Neck and Back Pain and Arm Numbness

After countless tries of relieving my pain with other therapies I did some research online and found Dr. Beneski.  My first day I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Beneski took the time to sit down with me and really get to know me, I had never experience that level of care before. I started seeking care for my severe neck, back and shoulder pain, and I also had numbness in my right arm.  The pain effected my day dramatically.  It was difficult to participate in regular daily and social activities.  I always experience pain at work and struggled with sitting at my desk and typing at for long periods of time.  Dr. Beneski created a care plan just for me!  My first visit was informative and educational.  I had been to a Chiropractor previously and my appointments were strictly adjustments only, and my pain never got better.  Dr. Beneski has a holistic approach and wanted to address the underlying issues to my pain. He wasn't focused only on the pain I came in with.  His type of care addresses the whole person.  He explained to me how nutrition is connected with my pain.  My treatment included massage, chiropractic care, and nutrition.  After only a few weeks I noticed an improvement.  My husband, who has struggled with his own back pain started coming to Dr. Beneski after noticing how great I was feeling.  My experience with Dr. Beneski has been enjoyable from the start, and I continue to feel better after each visit. 

Pearl B.

10 Years of Pain

I suffered with intense pain in my shoulder for ten years before coming to see Dr. Beneski.  For years I ignored my pain and never sought help.  As a child I wasn't able to stand up straight and was always uncomfortable.  I am a very active person and growing up I participated on a swim team.  My shoulder was so uncomfortable I ended up using the wrong muscles and this constant over compensation led to even more pain and further injuries.  I had to stop swimming.  After I started a new job in Boston's Financial District I was referred by a co-worker to visit Dr. Beneski's office.  It was great because it was so close and convenient for me.  I started feeling better after the first visit.  I didn't think anything could improve my health and fix my pain and then I met Dr. Beneski!  It was incredible.  Dr. Beneski gave me specialized care and he was as committed to improving my health as I was.  Now for the first time in ten years I am completely free of pain and can stand up straight.  My friends and family can see a difference in my overall health and well being as well.  I am so glad I took the step to see Dr. Beneski and improve my health.  It has made all the difference.

Adrienne V.

Extreme Low Back Pain

I came to Dr. Beneski after struggling with chronic back pain for years.  My pain was so bad that I was desperate to get relief.  Being a skeptic, I had mixed feeling about coming to see a Chiropractor.  Dr. Beneski was recommended to me by a trusted friend and I decided to give it a try.  My ability to perform at work was effected.  I was constantly uncomfortable and exhausted from the extra effort it took to get through the day. When my pain was at its worst I would work for a week then have to rest for a week.  This significantly affected my life professionally and socially.  After the first month of care I noticed an improvement.  Now I am completely free of pain!  I am now maintaining my health by coming for wellness visits.  My pain is completely gone.  I don't have to take any more breaks from work and can perform daily work tasks comfortably.  I am very pleased with my results! 

Jen C.

Back Pain with Weakness

I started coming to see Dr. Beneski three weeks ago after throwing out my back.  In 1989 I was involved in a car accident and injured my back.  As a result of a surgery 2 years ago my back and abdominal muscles became weak after not being able to exercise consistently. For years I struggled with my back pain, and because I wasn't strengthening my muscles it was easier for me to injure myself doing an everyday task. After throwing my back out I went to see my Primary Care Provider, and was prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medications.  The medication helped me sleep during the night but I was still in a lot of pain during the day.  I was referred by my Boss, who had experienced great results after his visits with Dr. Beneski.  When I first started coming to Dr. Beneski I couldn't stand without pain.  My goal was to be able to stand comfortably on my wedding day.  My pain has improved significantly since my first visit.  The adjustments paired with my daily exercises got me on the path to recovery.   I am getting married in just a few weeks and I am so happy that I am able to focus on my wedding instead of my pain!

Susan D.

Stiff neck, lower back pain and overall achiness.

I have been seeing Dr. Beneski for about five years now.  I came to him because I was suffering from a stiff neck, lower back pain and overall achiness.  I had received chiropractic care in the past but it had been about a year since my last adjustment.  My pain was so bad that I was unable to get a good night's rest, I was generally uncomfortable throughout the day, and it was difficult for me to exercise.  I committed to regular care and I am so glad I did!  My life is much more productive and comfortable because of it.  I come in regularly about once a month as I notice if I do not maintain a regular chiropractic schedule then I begin to feel pain again.  My treatment consists of adjusting my back with some massage.  It is very enjoyable.  I really like seeing Dr. Beneski because he explains everything thoroughly, is familiar with my needs and he is kind and easy to talk to.  I have recommended and will continue to recommend chiropractic care to my family and friends because of what it has done for me.  I will probably always keep up with regular maintenance plan as I realize now how all of the nerves and spine connect to the organs in your body and with regular adjustments your body functions properly and at an optimum level.

Kristin A.

your body functions properly and at an optimum level.

Kristin A.

Severe pain down left side of body<>My care with Dr. Beneski began one month ago.  I came to the office with severe neck, back and hip pain.  My body was very weak and I was

My care with Dr. Beneski began one month ago.  I came to the office with severe neck, back and hip pain.  My body was very weak and I was walking with a constant limp.  The limp made me very self conscious and felt uncomfortable going out into public.  Walking was so uncomfortable for me that I avoided it as much as possible.  Walking and standing were difficult because I could not stay balanced.  This made me feel like an old lady.  Sleep was awful and I rarely had a restful nights sleep.  In the morning I had to give myself an extra half an hour just to get out of bed.  Pain would come after only standing for 10 minutes at a time and I would have throbbing leg pain for hours.  My first visit to the office was great! I had an adjustment and started to feel relief.  After two weeks of treatment I was pain free!  I was so excited to finally find relief! For 32 years ever since my son was born I had experienced back discomfort.  The combination of muscle work and adjustments really helped my muscles relax and the relief from pain was immediate. Now I am able to be more active.  Now that I have control of my pain I'm motivated to improve my overall health. For years I have been struggling with my weight and have tried countless diets.  I am sick of spending money on programs that make me feel bad and give me false hope.  I am excited to work with a nutrition coach who will work with me to reach my health goals.  Dr. Beneski's technique is truly unique.  I received the most help in the least amount of time.  When you experience healing like this it gives you hope again.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Beneski. 

Rita. G.

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