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  • Dr.
    John Beneski
    Owner and Director

    Dr. John Beneski graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1992.  He has been at the same location in Boston’s Financial District for over 25 years.  He will be there for you.

    Committed to using drug free treatments to relieve pain and promote health Dr. Beneski uses a ‘whole person approach’.   This means taking care of the pain that brought you to the office and looking at other health challenges like posture, exercise technique, nutritional needs and lifestyle stress. 
    Most patients present with multiple symptoms because they are under more than one type of stress and are often surprised to find how seemingly unrelated symptoms are related.  Find the relationship and you have the underlying problem. 
    Each of us has a unique biochemical blueprint however this blueprint is similar enough that we all benefit from certain fundamental principles.   We are capable of healing when the nervous system functions without interference and the body is provided adequate amounts of clean water, clean air and proper nutrients. 
    Dr. Beneski believes the chiropractic adjustment is important.  In fact, the most important part of care but without the holistic approach he found symptoms will come back.  He has spent countless hours becoming expert in traditional hands on techniques but also can use instrument adjusting when a gentle approach is needed.  He also will use equipment commonly found in a physical therapy office when appropriate.  There is a full circuit of weight equipment in the office for functional exercise and low-tech systems that can be used at home.  He will also use E-stim, heat and cold if it’s going to help.   For a herniated disc, neuropathy or sciatica he will use a computerized non-surgical decompression table.
    The foundation of nutrition is food. Nutrition advice follows the concepts of a whole food and whole food concentrates using the teachings of the ‘International Foundation for Nutrition and Health’. 
    Myofascial work follows the concepts of Anatomy Trains.  Muscles pull on bones.  He has found that if you don’t address the soft tissue it will pull the bone right out of alignment again. 

    Sometimes there is the best of both worlds.  Dr Beneski has been trained in old school manual adjustments but can also draw from a vast knowledge of evidence-based exercises, nutrition and good old fashion Doctor to Patient communication.
    Being healthy is not a place that we get to.  It is a journey.  So, wherever you begin this journey Dr. Beneski will be here to help you accelerate the process.

  • Stephanie Beneski
    Billing Manager and Certified Chiropractic Assistant

    Stephaine and Dr. Beneski have worked side by side since the beginning 25+ years ago.  Her knowledge of insurance procedures is extensive and she is here to help you with any of your questions and challenges with maximizing your insurance benefits.

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